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Phraseaholic 2.0 makes expanding your vocabulary in French and Spanish convenient, fun and free. Every day, a new, interesting phrase will be available for you to learn with phonetics and audio.

New for Phraseaholic 2.0, we have a collection of everyday phrases organized by subject in the Phrasebook. If you want to learn even more, you can unlock additional categories.

You can easily switch languages — and get the same phrase in French and Spanish, without switching apps. It’s like the traditional Phrase of the Day calendar, but more interactive and the ease of having it on your iPhone and iPad.

Features include:

• French and Spanish phrase, a phonetic breakdown and a translation
• Audio of each phrase to help with pronunciation
• Daily notifications of each phrase
• Ease of switching between languages in the same app
• Phrasebook with hundreds of additional phrases grouped by category
• Search capabilities
• Social sharing capabilities
• Ability to save phrases to favorites so you can review at any time