Who We Are

Jason TrobmanJason Trobman
Founder, President & CTO

Jason is the development brains of this operation. He’s spent more than a decade as a software engineer, managing large teams of developers, QA, designers, and backend experts on sites that generate 30-million unique visitors monthly, and has built a vast team of experts in the field. His strategy “growth by automation” enables him to excel at scaling up projects in a cost-effective manner. Jason’s a skilled problem solver who loves to take on new challenges and fixing things that are broken, whether it be APIs, ceiling fans, pinball machines, scooters or baby toys.

Rachel Corp PhotoRachel Trobman
Founder & CEO

Rachel is the brawn behind STRIKEink. At a whopping 5’1”, Rachel takes charge of the project management, client relations, marketing and monetization strategy around the company’s products. She has more than a decade of experience in creative production and content creation and loves managing projects from ideation to execution. When not working on STRIKEink, Rachel enjoys updating her blog on the adventures of motherhood and starting a business.